• Solarcon IMAX 2000 Base Station Antenna

Solarcon IMAX 2000 Base Station Antenna

  • 5000 Watt Rated
  • High Performance CB Base Station Antenna
  • +2 dB Gain versus A99/PT99
  • 3 MHz Bandwidth


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Solarcon IMAX2000 Overview

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UPS has changed the amount to ship extremely long packages. Packages exceeding 96", like this antenna, would cost over $100 for shipping alone. This change by UPS has made shipping these antennas unrealistic. This product is available for in-store pickup only.

Do you want the absolute best performing omni-direction CB base station antenna available? Of course you do! The Solarcon IMAX 2000 boasts a 2+ dB gain when compared to the Antron A99. This is the best omni-directional antenna in base station CB performance.

Solarcon IMAX2000 Features

  • Tested to 5000 watts power
  • Typically 3MHz bandwidth with 2:1 VSWR
  • 1 to 2db relative gain higher than the best of our competitors
  • Wind Rating100 MPH
  • Wavelength5/8 Wave
  • lightning protected, D.C. grounded. No lightning arrestor or static discharge unit is needed!
  • Female UHF Coax Connection
  • Mounting U Bolts
  • 24 Feet (Height)

Solarcon IMAX2000 Specifications

  • Length24ft
  • Power Handling5000 Watts

Solarcon IMAX2000 Reviews

Jason D.
Submitted 6 years ago.
24 foot length and higher dB gain versus smaller antennas like the A99 or PT99The length can be an issue, make sure you install can support an antenna 24 feet tall.As far as base station antennas go, this is the best performing omni-directional (meaning not a directional/beam antenna) that is still available.
Dave P.
Submitted 10 years ago.
I mounted this antenna on top of the roof with the tripod base (TRT36) and 5 ft antenna mast -– about 45 feet of the ground.

The ground plane kit (IMAXGPK) makes a huge difference in the performance.

I talk to the East Coast of Virginia almost daily from Southern California with only 80 watts power on AM. That's about 2,050 miles from my QTH. Definitely the best Omni-directional antenna in the market!
kevin f.
Submitted 14 years ago.
Have this antenna set up at home 40 feet to base and it kicks butt.great dx talker and ssb i can talk all over the world.For the money the best antenna out there.And very easy to setup swr are 1.5 out of the box.
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