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Solarcon Antron A99 CB Radio Home Base Station Antenna

Solarcon Antron A99 CB Radio Home Base Station Antenna

5/5 based on 10 Reviews by: Solarcon
  • Popular! Home Base CB Antenna
  • 18ft Tall
  • 2,000 Watt Rating
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The A99 features the Solarcon Twin Ring Adjust-A-Match tuning making it possible to tune the input to the antenna and obtain the optimum S.W.R. over a range of frequencies. Raising the rings raises the frequency and lowering the rings lowers the frequency.


Operates 10 thru 17 Meters with Tuner.
Covers far above and below the traditional C.B. channels for export, commercial and 10 meter ham band use, input 2000 watts P.E.P.
The A99 is a half wave over a quarter wave variable mutual transductance tuned antenna
Comes in three sections, Easy to assemble
Entire antenna radiates - 9.9 DBI Gain
Each antenna individually tested
Meets U.S. Government CPSC shocks hazard standards. Protects up to 14,500 volts
Lightning protected, D.C. grounded. No lightning arrestor or static discharge unit is needed!
2,000 Watt Rated
18-29 MHz Optimal Range
Female UHF Coax Connection
17.5' Feet Tall
No Ground Needed

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

Power Handling
2000 Watts

What's Included

  • Antron A99 Base Station CB Antenna
  • U-bolts for Mounting
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Last Modified: 10/06/2017