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SH4NMO Stake Pocket NMO Antenna Mount

SH4NMO Stake Pocket NMO Antenna Mount

  • Stake Pocket NMO Antenna Mount
  • Includes 15ft RG58 Coax Cable
  • PL-259 Cable Connector
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Flat stainless steel pickup truck stake hole mount with NMO stud. Offset design allows you to still utilize a topper while moving the antenna away from the body

This is not a CB antenna mount


NMO Antenna Stud
28in Ground Wire
15ft RG58 Coaxial Cable w. PL259 (UHF) Connector Pre-Terminated
3 3/4in
1 1/8in (Stake Insert Length)
2in (Stake Insert Width)
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  • Black finish
  • 1.5 inch mounting width
  • Three-axis adjustable
  • 6.5' RG316 Teflon coax, with Mini-UHF, And PL-259 Adapter
  • UHF base
  • Works W/ NMO Antennas
  • 12' Coax Included
Last Modified: 03/22/2016