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SC1 - Coax Cable Scanner Antenna

SC1 - Coax Cable Scanner Antenna

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Scanner antenna with suction cup mount and coaxial cable. Uses a BNC connection to fit most standard scanners. Designed with mobile scanners in mind, especially in a car or pickup. The great thing about this antenna is it doesn't mount outside of your vehicle. Simply plug in the BNC connector the back of your scanner then, with the included suction cups, mount the wire to the inside of your windshield or rear window. Clean, easy setup to improve your scanners performance.


8 feet•
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  • Replacement Scanner Antenna For Scanners with BNC Connector
  • Multi-Band Scanner Antenna for Home
  • Operates between 30-1200 Mhz
  • Includes 75' Of Coax Cable and Mounting Hardware
  • BNC Connection
  • 15" Length
  • +6dB Gain (Rated against typical stock HT antennas.)
Last Modified: 11/25/2014