• Road King RK56B Noise Canceling Microphone
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Road King RK56B Noise Canceling Microphone

Road King RK56B Classic Noise Canceling Mic With Super Flexible & Durable Cord

  • Noise Canceling CB Microphone
  • Loud, deep tone
  • Pre-wired 4-Pin standard


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Roadking RK56B Overview

The Telex Turner Road King 56 mic is designed for voice communication applications requiring a rugged, hand-held microphone.

Noise canceling design makes the RoadKing 56 effective in noisy locations. Excellent voice response characteristics make the noise-cancelling CB radio mic a good choice in quiet areas as well.

The Professional Driver's Choice for over 50 years.


Roadking RK56B Features

  • Microphone TypeDynamic Noise Canceling
  • Cord6-conductor Coiled, Ultra Strong Teflon Cord
  • Connector4-Pin Standard
  • Frequency Response100 Hz ~ 8,000 Hz
  • Impedance2000 Ohms (matches 600-5000 ohm inputs)

Roadking RK56B Reviews

Charles P.
Submitted 5 years ago.
Excellent frequency response, noise cancelling and clarity. No more talkback squeal.NoneBest CB mic made, period. Say goodbye to background noise and squeal from your talkback.

The RK56 has superb noise cancelling while offering a nice rich audio with great frequency response and crisp mid-high frequency response.

This is the mic for the true CB audio buff.
Jason D.
Submitted 6 years ago.
Noise canceling and comfortable position for the push to talk buttonDoes not sound like it once did. Expect a tinnier, less clear sound from older models.Not the same mic it used to be. The current generation Road King 56 mics have moved production to China. Unfortunately, this has produced a tinner, less clear, less noise canceling microphone. Gone are the days of yore when the Telex Turner ruled the air waves.
Thomas H.
Submitted 12 years ago.
Great Mic, i have run them for years on various radios...and wouldn't have anything else. Long live the Telex name....
Miles H.
Submitted 12 years ago.
I purchased my road king about 3 years ago.Road King mics are the best. It works perfect with echo or talkback.BEST MIC ON EARTH.
luanne h.
Submitted 14 years ago.
I have an road king mic.It is a great but one time I keyed down it would not work!I took it to a radio shop they repaired the cord.
miles h.
Submitted 14 years ago.
Great mic!!! I have echo in my radio.When I key down It does not squeal! The mic that came with the radio it sqealed all the time! So if Iwas needing a mic I would pick this one.
Danny M.
Submitted 14 years ago.
Good mic....

Purchased it about a year ago just because I wanted something different from the standard mic.

Pros: Handle is suprisingly comfertable, rubber mouth guard gives it a good feel and I've had no complaints about my transimission signals from anybody.

Cons: Cable came loose from stess relief on CB plug in.

Overall: If your looking for a good mic, look no further.
Leroy B.
Submitted 14 years ago.
I have had this mic for 15 years and love it I have recomended it to all in my group who go trveling with me. I had astic power mic before what a pice of junk
and the replace battiries all the time no thanks
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