• Ranger RCI-39VHP 90 Watt PeP High Power 10 Meter Radio with Small Case Size
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A 90 watt radio that will fit in your big trucks radio compartment.

  • Same size as a 29, fits in all big trucks. Especially designed for Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt and Volvo trucks.
  • 90 Watts means big power in a small package
  • Dark chrome bezel with chrome knobs
  • Built in Echo & Talkback
  • Built in SWR meter
RCI-39VHP by Ranger
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Ranger RCI-39VHP 90 Watt PeP High Power 10 Meter Radio with Small Case Size

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Ranger RCI-39VHP Overview

Ranger's newest radio to the 10 meter market fits a perfect niche for any trucker who wants a big radio, but lacks the space. The all new Ranger RCI-39VHP is a 90 watt powerhouse, but it's only as big as a Cobra 29 LTD Classic CB Radio, which means the overhead radio location in the Freightliner Cascadia, the radio "drawer" system that most Kenworth trucks have (T660/T680/T770, etc), and the tight opening that Volvo offers will all work with this 10-meter radio for sale. You now have a radio that will 1) look good with a chrome front end, 2) have full features you want like Echo and an SWR meter and 3) be powerful enough to provide the long range performance you want and need.

Ranger RCI-39VHP Summary

  • Adjustable, clear Echo
  • Variable Talkback
  • Auto-calibrating SWR Meter
  • Hi/Med/Low dimmer
  • Blue lights
  • Chrome bezel and knobs
  • PA jack

Ranger RCI-39VHP Technial Specifications

  • Width7.25" (18.4 cm)
  • Length (case)9 " ( 22.86 cm )
  • Length (case + heatsink)10.25" ( 26 cm)
  • Length (case + knobs + heatsink)11.25" ( 28.5 cm )
  • Height2.25"
  • Power Draw8A
  • Fuse Size10A