• Ranger RCI2950DX-3 10-12 Meter Radio Single Sideband (USB/LSB/CW)
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  • 40+ Watts PeP Power Output
  • 10 & 12 Meter Coverage
  • Extremely Stable Single Sideband SSB (USB/LSB) Mode
  • 6 Digit Frequency Display

Ranger RCI2950DX-3 10-12 Meter Radio Single Sideband (USB/LSB/CW)


Ranger RCI2950DX-3 Overview

Ranger Communications once again sets the performance and reliability standard for Amateur mobile transceivers with the latest generation of our popular RCI-2950/70 series of cost effective, multi mode (including single sideband and CW!), high performance transceivers.

Ranger RCI2950DX-3 Summary

  • An improved receiverDesigned for increased sensitivity and image rejections.
  • A double FET balanced mixerFor improved receiver intermodulation rejection.
  • New power supply protectionAnd temperature compensation for improved stability and reliability over wide temperature ranges.
  • Surface mount componentsFor increased resistance to shock and vibration.
  • Improved display lightingfor easy reading in a wide range of light conditions.
  • Variable power output controlAdjusts your deadkey power.
  • 10 and 12 Meter BandsAllows you to recieve and transmit on these popular amateur frequency bands.
  • Receiver Clarifier (0.5kHz)Allows you to adjust your recieve frequency.
  • Noise Blanker/ Automatic Noise LimiterReduces extra static and recieve noise.
  • Programmable repeater offsetAllows you to offset your frequency for FM repeator use.
  • Large green backlite frequency display with dimmer.
  • Active frequency scannerScans through to find active frequencies.
  • Ten programmable frequenciesProgram in your most monitored frequencies for easy access.
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

Ranger RCI2950DX-3 Technial Specifications

  • Power Output40+ Watts PeP
  • ModesAM / FM / CW / USB / LSB
  • Frequency Range10 Meter 28~29 MHz & 12 Meter 25~26 MHz
  • Length9 1/4" from SO-239 to bezel
  • Width7 7/8"
  • Height2 7/8"
  • Current Draw7 Amp
  • Fuse Size10 Amp
  • Microphone Pin-Out6-Pin RCI
  • Power Connection3-Pin Standard
Jason D.
Submitted 5 years ago.
Stable on SSB, repeater options, programmable memory channels, all mode, and reliableAt 40 watts PeP, this radio will do the job. But if more power is needed, check out the RCI2970.One of the best radios for DX'ing on 10 meters. Sideband stability is excellent, the VFO option allows you to dial in whatever frequency you need on 10 or 12 meters down to 1KHz. All modes and split repeater functions built-in. If you're licensed, and want to operate on 10 meters mobile, the 2950 is easily one of the best choices.
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