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RANDY II FCC FM Handheld CB Radio - The First FM Mode Handheld CB Radio

All new updated FM mode handheld the only handheld CB with AM and FM modes

  • FM Mode
  • Updated! Scan: new Skip/Scan feature
  • Battery : Lithium-Ion
  • Frequencies display
  • Weather channel with Alert
  • Dual watch


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President RANDY II FM Overview

President RANDY II FM Features

  • Vehicle adaptorAllows you to draw power from a lighter plug and use an external antenna.
  • AC wall adaptorCharge your batteries at home.
  • NOAA weather capableMonitor NOAA weather stations to alert you on hazardous conditions.
  • Compact designEasily portable and lightweight.
  • Dual watchAllows you to monitor two channels.
  • Instant channel 9/19Easily switch to an emergency channel or the popular channel 19.

President RANDY II FM Reviews

Robert H.
Submitted 3 weeks ago.
I just received my radio and wow this is packed with features. The menus are pretty easy once you've gone through it once. It comes with a ac and dc adapters and a antenna adapter so it can be used with a outside antenna. It seems to pick up the weather channels pretty good. I have many other 40 channel hadheld radios and most require 9 to 10 AA batteries. With the liion battery it allows this to be much smaller in size. It has many features that are normally only found on higher end mobile CB radios. This is just a little bigger than most frs/gmrs radio's. It comes with a nice belt clip that allows you to swivel. The antenna is much shorter than my other hand held 40 radios, this is kinda nice but it does limit the range of the radio. My only issue with this radio is the battery doesn't seem to last very long. I had it in my car and was listening to the weather channels to find out when it was going to start snowing and then I left it turned on channel 19. I drove 45 min turned it off when I was inside. When I returned to the car I turned it on and left it on channel 19 for my ride home another 45 minutes plus or minus 10 minutes. When I arrived home it was at half battery. I didn't transmit while I was out. So I was a little disappointed by that. Obviously if I was talking on it I would expect it to drop faster. I know my other radios with AA batteries put out 4 watts on battery, this puts out 1 watt on low and 3 watts on high while on the battery, when plugged in it should hit 4 watts. I am going to order the hand held mic, and try a external antenna and plug it in and try some longer communications with it. All in all it is so jammed full of features and coumes nicely equipped. There's not much FM on 11 meter in my area however it is important to know what FM sounds like on your AM radio. I think it sounds a little like SSB. When both are on AM or FM it sounds very good with the built in mic. The sound quality from its speaker is very good for its size. I know my review is on the longer size but this is a pretty amazing new radio jam packed with features. I hope this is helpful in making your selection of your new radio.
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