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PSS1 Plastic Slip seat Radio Box

PSS1 Plastic Slip seat Radio Box

Part# PSS1
  • Stereo Speakers Included
  • Pre-cut Stereo, Radio and CB Openings
  • Carrying Handle
PSS1 image - PSS1.jpg
PSS1 image - PSS1_slipseat_radio_box_front.jpg
PSS1 image - pss1_slipseat_radio_box_top.jpg
PSS1 image - pss1_slipseat_radio_box_top.jpg
PSS1 image - pss1_slip_seat_radio_box_open.jpg
PSS1 image - pss1_slip_seat_radio_box_open2.jpg
PSS1 image - pss1_slip_seat_radio_box_open2_radio.jpg
PSS1 image - pss1_slip_seat_radio_box_open2_radio2.jpg
PSS1 image - pss1_slipseat_radio_box_closed_radio.jpg
PSS1 image - pss1_acc.jpg


Lightweight and compact slipseat radio box. Ideal for truckers that change trucks often. Constructed of lightweght materials, this box is the most compact and easiest to carry around out of all the slipseat boxes available. Small enough to fit on some dashes, the PSS1 will work with almost any setup.


Pre-cut Stereo Radio Opening
The stereo opening is pre-cut and ready to accomodate any single din stereo, this is a standard size ready for most mobile stereo radios
Pre-cut CB Opening
Designed to accomodate any CB radio and most 10 meter radios. Not compatable with 10 meter radios with a bottom heat sink.
Includes Stereo Speakers
Two speakers pre-installed for you
Carrying Handle
Makes moving the box a snap.

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions


What's Included

  • PSS1 Slip seat radio box
  • 2x 6" Speakers
  • 2x Speaker Cords
Last Modified: 11/14/2018