• President Lincoln II+ 10 and 12 Meter Amateur Radio
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President Lincoln II+ 10 and 12 Meter Amateur Radio

LINCOLNII+ - Smaller In Size - Loaded With Features! Amazing SSB Performance Out Of The Box. Catch the band openings with this rock solid stable mobile radio.

  • AM/FM/LSB/USB/CW Modes
  • 50 Watts PeP (Bird), 30 Watts RMS (Dosy)
  • Selectable Multi-Color Display
  • 6 Memory Frequencies
  • ASC - Automatic Squelch Control
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President LINCOLNII Overview

All new UPDATED model, the President Lincoln II Plus

New features:
+ Improved Echo (Fully adjustable delay)
+ Improved Power Output (50 Watts PeP)
+ 6-Pin Wireless Microphone Compatible
+ Expanded Frequency Coverage, now includes 12 meters!

New from President is the Lincoln II, the new and improved brother to the original President Lincolns from yesteryear. The Lincoln II digital amateur HAM radio is slimmer in size than its predecessor and comes with the ability to change background display colors between amber, blue, or green to fit your needs. Another nice addition is the Automatic Squelch Control, which automatically suppresses undesirable background noise when the squelch control is all the way down. If you move the control up it disables the ASC and allows for manual squelch adjustment.

President LINCOLNII Features

  • VFO Mode(continuous scanning of 24.890 Mhz to 24.990 Mhz and 28.000 Mhz to 29.700 Mhz)
  • Manual squelch and ASCASC (Automatic Squelch Control automatically suppresses unwanted noise)
  • Multi-functions LCD display
  • Multi-color DisplayAmber, Green, and Blue
  • ANL filter, NB and HI-CUTHelps filter out unwanted noise
  • Channel and Memory ScanScans frequencies for activity
  • 6 Memory Channels Allows you to store up to 6 different channels for easy access
  • CTCSS (38 tones)
  • DCS (104 codes)
  • Roger Beep
  • DimmerControl the brightness of the backlight
  • Mode switch AM/FM/LSB/USB/CW and PA
  • Dual watchAllows you to monitor 2 frequencies
  • TOT (Time Out Timer) adjustable
  • SWR Protection and Voltage ProtectionHelps protect the radio when there are SWR problems with an antenna system or high voltage
  • External Speaker Jack

President LINCOLNII Specifications

Important notes on power output

Measuring power output will vary depending on many variables. Our default test-setup consists of a 14-volt power supply, 50 ohm dummy load, and Bird wattmeter reading PeP (peak envelope power). If you are using different equipment, measuring RMS instead of PeP, or have an SWR reading different than shown, you may have different results. The following chart shows an example of power readings for this radio with changes to measurement variables. Final note, the Dosy meter referenced below is directly affected by the SWR readings in the antenna system. You may notice huge differences in power readings from subtle changes in SWR.

Bird Wattmeter

SWR1.2 with dummy load
Impedance50 ohm
AM Carrier (low w/ 50W slug)2W
AM Carrier (high w/ 50W slug)12W
AM Modulation (PeP w/ 100W slug)50W
SSB (w/ 100W slug)42W

Dosy TC4001

SWR1.2 with dummy load - 1.5 with Antron A99 Antenna
Impedance50 ohm
AM Carrier (low @ 20W scale)2-3W
AM Carrier (high @ 20W scale)9-12W
AM Modulation (PeP @ 200W scale)30W

Standard Specifications

Height52mm (2in)
Width170mm (6.7in)
Length250mm (9.8in)
*NOTE* The manual suggests using a 6A fuse, however the stock power cord uses a 15A fuse. This radio can draw slightly over 5A when modulating, we suggest ignoring the mis-print in the manual and using the actual fuse included with the radio. At least 10A, no more than 15A.

President LINCOLNII Reviews

Keith B.
Submitted 2 months ago.
Outstanding radio! First, the receive is clearer and pulls in more than any other radio I've talked on over the past 30 yrs. The memory functions work awesome because you can set 1 to channel x on AM, and set 2 to channel x on FM or SSB, etc. Being able to have full control over the pitch and duration of the roger beep, as well as total control over the talk back is a lot of fun. But setting the threshold for the SWR where the radio will automatically not transmit, saving the whole thing. The ASC works well, and the lighting and display work great given the limited real estate. Its been fun to get the special cord and hook the radio up to the laptop, looks like this option is in its infancy, could be expanded. Being able to change frequencies at any decimal place is great for jumping around. I would recommend an Astatic noise cancelling mic, the stock mic compresses the voice quite a bit. From an engineering point, it could have better cooling, I wouldn't recommend extending the max talk time value, that'll keep you from over heating it quickly. It'd be great if a 150w version were made, something that most vehicles could run without modifying the charging system, batteries, etc. I'll buy another one when I wear this one out, the receive is just that good. Boduck.
Mark U.
Submitted 7 months ago.
✔ Verified Purchase
Very high quality, modern and full featured radio, excellent sound quality, very stable on side band actually better than most of my other radios. I was impressed enough with it to immediately order two more of them. I have a dozen other radios and I’ve been into this for 40 years and this is now my new favorite. I think the quality level is on par with icom or Yaesu, or at least close.
Tim C.
Submitted 1 year ago.
✔ Verified Purchase
Have had mine for a year now.

Shipping from Walcott was fast and as expected.

Radio has been in my f350 for nearly a year and problem free with the President Texas antenna. Have received many compliments about the sound and transmission quality clear across the country. Made contacts from socal and Florida and everywhere in between up to Canada on side band. Plenty of road contacts made while traveling with nearby trucks. Never a moment of trouble. Flat SWR match across most of what the radio will transmit on.

I'm sure there are better radios and setups, but at this price point it would be hard to beat.
Alan W.
Submitted 2 years ago.
Shipping was FAST from Walcott. I got the peak and tune from them and still only took a couple days to get it. I immediately installed it in my Chevy 2500hd. The antenna was a Stryker sra10 that had a flat swr with my general lee radio and in-line was a good external swr meter. But unfortunately On the very first key up while setting the calibration on the meter it let the magic smoke out... I check connections. Everything was good. I uninstalled the radio and replaced the General LEE; no issues, flat swr, great reports. So I called both Walcott radio and President electronics. Both were willing to accept the radio back for repair and said that that should never happen it certainly was an internal flaw. I decided to send it to Walcott because they seemed like they would have a faster turnaround and indeed they did. They repaired the radio, fully tested it and shipped it back very quickly and of no charge. I am very impressed with walcotts service and response with this situation. After getting the radio hooked back up, the Lincoln 2+ tuned up perfectly flat just like it should. I never had to touch the antenna, it was the exact same as the LEE. Now after putting the Lincoln through its paces about a month of daily use, I can say, I really like this radio. It has ALL the features. Menu is tricky if you don’t know what the abbreviations are that they use for the different adjustments in the menu, just dont loose the book. But it’s good to go once you set it how you like. The sound is very natural and accurate like an hf rig would. However, with mic gain up and a little echo it’s nice and loud. By the way, the echo is NICE and so is the talkback. Sideband, great. AM, great. I am now using it to drive a Texas star 500v and this setup SCREAMS. Thanks Walcott for your service. Thanks President for the product. I don’t hold anything against them, things happen... 602 HeavyChevy Maryland got down.
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