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President Bill Compact CB Radio with Weather and Front USB Jack for Phone Charging - the smallest CB around!

Limited quantities left in stock. Replaced by the newer Bill II FCC radio. Save money if you don't need FM mode. Brand new! Un-opened. Manufacturer warranty still applies.

  • Extremely small size
  • Quick-release mounting bracket
  • Weather channel with Alert
  • 7 Color display
  • Instant 9/19 Channel Selection

Item #: BILL

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President BILL Overview

Want to install a CB Radio in your vehicle and don't know if it will fit? This extremely small radio can be mounted almost anywhere - Center console, glove box, under dash to name a few.

President BILL Features

  • Front USB 5V / 2.1A JackUse To Charge A Smart Phone Or Other Devices
  • Manual squelch and ASC (Automatic Squelch Control)Just Set It To ASC And Forget It!
  • Multi-function LCD displayDisplays Channel & Frequency
  • ANL filter, NB, HI-CUTCuts Down On Unwanted Noise
  • ScanUse To Scan All 40 Channels
  • Roger BeepEnd Of Transmission Beep
  • Instant Channel 9/19 SwitchableGreat For Switching Between Channels Quickly
  • Weather channel with AlertStay Alert To Changing Weather Conditions
  • Front microphone plugAllows For Installation In Tight Positions
  • Microphone Electret or DynamicSwitchable By Menu Settings Allows You To Install Your Favorite Mic
  • External loudspeaker jackEasily Add An External Speaker

President BILL Specifications

President Bill Owners Manual

President BILL Reviews

Bryan W.
Submitted 2 years ago.
✔ Verified Purchase
Just got this Radio to put in the girlfriend's car with the President New York magnetic antenna. Cute radio that that kinda works but will never be the best at anything. Remember to unlock the secret PL (Power level) and AL(Audio Level) mods to max out power and modulation. You need all the help you can get.
I live about 1 mile from the Interstate. With the Anl/Nb/Hi cut filters turned on, it pulled trucks out of the white noise much better the the my cobra 25LTD. I was totally surprised and impressed. Now the rest of the list where it don't measure up.
Couldn't get an answer to "radio check" till I moved next to the interstate.
The stock mike did sound clear talking between radios. One must forsure have an external speaker on the president because the in frame radio speaker just will not cut it. It will never overdrive the external speaker, so too loud is not an option. I matched it against a cheap Cobra 19 $40 radio and the Cobra put out a stronger carrier wave.
The New York Antenna never did go higher than 1.3 to 1 anywhere on the SWR meter. Cut the power supply and the radio fires back up on the channel you left it. (Good)
Something to have in the car listening to truckers. The radio will pass. DXing more than a mile??? I don't see it happening.

11/14/2020 I bought my second President Bill Radio to replace my Cobra 25 LTD Classic with 30 watts Pep finals.
The first Bill kept beating the cobra on receive. (cobra wins on transmit) Modulation on both transmit and receive the President Bill beats all A.M. radios I've seen. Closeup transmit and receive can't be oven driven and is as clear as FM. The New York attenana competing with a 5/8 wave firestick ties it on pulling stations out of the weeds. The firestick did better on transmit. (But not by much)

To turn power and modulation up. Start with radio off// hold both weather and emergency buttons in. (Right side facing the radio panel.) Push transmit on mike and then turn power on. (Only need three hands to do all this at once) You will see PL / AL on screen. Channel up/down rotates between both. With transmits button pushed. channel buttons up/down changes the values of PL/AL.
Higher number of PL (Power Levels) will peak you out at 4.5 watts transmit.
Lower number on AL (Audio Level) turns audio up. (Backwards). On a stock radio the audio level can't be over driven.

The President Bill just works and could make CB popular again. Plug into any car cigarette lighter and put a New York antenna on the roof and you have a very working radio.

ANL filter, NB, HI-CUT
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