• Predator 10-K Model K-1-17 Competition CB and 10 Meter Antenna with 17in Shaft 10000 Watt Rated
  • 10,000 Watt Rated
  • 17" Lower Shaft
  • 6.4 Feet Tall
  • Aluminum Construction
  • High Performance CB and 10 Meter Antenna

Predator 10-K Model K-1-17 Competition CB and 10 Meter Antenna with 17in Shaft 10000 Watt Rated ( discontinued )


Predator k-1-17 Overview

This is the 17 inch shaft version of the K-1-9 Competition antenna. Exactly the same in every way except for the longer shaft length under the load coil. This antenna is a better match for installations where the antenna is mounted lower, for example on some Kenworth trucks and the Freightliner Cascadia.

Not sure which antenna is the best? Look no further, the Predator 10-K Competition Series antennas have finally arrived. Constructed of high durability machined aluminum and made completely by hand in the USA, this isn't your typical truck stop antenna.

The competition series is designed specifically for the CB enthusiast providing unmatched performance combined with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. This antenna just plain rocks!

Predator k-1-17 Summary

  • Machined Aluminum BaseVery light weight yet extremely durable
  • Stainless Steel WhipFlexible yet designed to withstand moderate damage.
  • Lifetime MFG WarrantyThe last antenna you will ever own.
  • Large Corona BallMinimizes noise and reduced static build-up.
  • 3/8 Base Thread Standard thread type found on 95% of all CB antenna mounts.
  • Replacement PartsWhat happens if the antenna gets hit by a tree and needs repaired? No problem, each part of the 10K antennas are available.
  • PerformanceThe best performing antenna, or your money back!
  • Power HandlingThis antenna will handle any amount of power you can throw at it.

Predator k-1-17 Technial Specifications

  • Length77in (6.42 feet)
  • Width3in Diameter (around the coil)
  • Connector3/8
  • Power Handling10,000 Watts
  • Frequency Range26~28 MHz
Jason D.
Submitted 5 years ago.
Amazing performance + lightweight aluminum + a lifetime warranty makes the Predator line of antennas on par or better than anything similar.
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