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Predator 10-K Bad to the Bone 10,000 Watt Competition CB Antenna

Predator 10-K Bad to the Bone 10,000 Watt Competition CB Antenna

by: Predator
Part# K-1-12
  • 10,000 Watt Rated
  • 12" Lower Shaft
  • 6.2 Feet Tall
  • Aluminum Construction
  • High Performance CB and 10 Meter Antenna
K-1-12 image - K-1-12.jpg

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The Predator “Bad to the Bone” antenna offers a slight performance gain and a beefier design compared to the standard Predator 10K antenna. Similar in design to the K-1-9, the K-1-12 comes with a 12 inch shaft below the coil and has an overall height of 75 inches (around 6.25 feet).

If you're seeking the ultimate in high performance CB antennas, the Predator K-1-12 Bad to the Bone will do the trick. Extreme performance combined with top-notch hand-made in the USA craftsmanship, there aren't enough good things to say about this 6-Foot CB antenna.


Machined Aluminum Base
Very light weight yet extremely durable
Stainless Steel Whip
Flexible yet designed to withstand moderate damage.
Lifetime MFG Warranty
The last antenna you will ever own.
Large Corona Ball
Minimizes noise and reduced static build-up.
3/8 Base Thread Standard thread type found on 95% of all CB antenna mounts.
Replacement Parts
What happens if the antenna gets hit by a tree and needs repaired? No problem, each part of the 10K antennas are available.
The best performing antenna, or your money back!
Power Handling
This antenna will handle any amount of power you can throw at it.

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

75in (6.25 feet)
3in Diameter (around the coil)
Power Handling
10,000 Watts
Frequency Range
26~28 MHz
Last Modified: 07/01/2019