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OutBack CB Antenna Bracket OBKT

OutBack CB Antenna Bracket OBKT

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  • OutBack KW T2000 and 387 Pete Antenna Solution!
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OutBack CB Antenna Bracket OBKT
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OutBack KW T2000 and 387 Pete Antenna Solution!

You've been waiting, now here it is: Outback Antenna Mounting Solution! Now there is a way to attach your own antenna to Kenworth T2000, Peterbilt 387 and other trucks without modifying the factory installed system. Easily and securely attaches to the rear grab handle with 8 mounting bolts. 18" long. Includes stud mount.


Designed specifically for the KW T2000 and Peterbilt 387 trucks
Fixes the no ground plane issue with both trucks!
Performs like a standard mirror arm antenna mount like those found on 379s, 377s, etc.
Now use any length or type of antenna you want, no more are you confined to 3 foot non-performance sticks
Can be used on either side of the truck

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

17 1/2in
7 1/2in
Height 7 1/2in

What's Included

  • Dual Bracket Connection to Grab Bar for Unrelenting Holding Power
  • Standard Antenna Bracket Connection for Antenna Mounting
  • Antenna Stud
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  • Now Includes Firestik M164A Bracket and Antenna Stud! Antenna mounting bar for Freightliner Cascadia Semi Trucks
  • Works on Either Side of the Vehicle - Or for Co-Phase Installations
  • Fits in place of M6 mounting bolts on the passengers side spot mirror
  • Knurled finish for extra grip
  • Also works behind the cab
Last Modified: 01/16/2018