• OPEK SWR-6L HF SWR Power Meter with LED Illumination

OPEK SWR-6L HF SWR Power Meter with LED Illumination

  • Frequency: 1.6 - 60 MHz (HF)
  • Power Scale: 20/200/2K W
  • Max. Power: 2,000 Watts


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Opek Technologies SWR-6L Overview

The OPEK SWR-6L is a compact SWR and Power meter designed for operation in the HF band, including CB Radios. LED illuminated display makes for convenient night-time usage. Accurate within 5%. The large cross-needle display is easy to see and use.

Opek Technologies SWR-6L Specifications

  • Frequency1.6 - 60 MHz (HF/VHF)
  • Impedance50 OHM
  • Power Range0-2 KW
  • Power Scale20/200/2K W
  • Max. Power2K W
  • Accuracy LOW(x1) Range(AVG.) ±10%; ±15% or better
  • Accuracy HIGH(x10; x100) Range(AVG.) ±5%; ±10% or better
  • Min. Power (Fwd.) Measure1W
  • Insertion LossLess than 0.1dB
  • Tolerance10% full scale
  • ConnectionUHF Female/M Type(SO-239); N type connector is optional
  • Test FunctionFwd/Rev Power; SWR
  • Dimensions140(W) x 84(H) x 122(D) mm
  • Weight600g (1.32277 lbs)

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