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Mirage Stealth Pro 100 Watt Compact High Power 10 Meter Radio with Multi-Color Faceplate

Mirage Stealth Pro 100 Watt Compact High Power 10 Meter Radio with Multi-Color Faceplate

by: Mirage
  • 10 Meter Radio
  • 100 Watts PeP
  • Small Chassis (7 5/8" Wide - Fits into stock opening in semi trucks)
  • Frequency Display
  • 7 Color Selectable Liquid Crystal Display
  • Built-in Echo & Talkback
  • AM/FM Modes
STEALTHPRO image - mirage-stealth-pro-1.jpg
STEALTHPRO image - mirage-stealth-pro-1.jpg
STEALTHPRO image - mirage-stealth-pro-2.jpg
STEALTHPRO image - mirage-stealth-pro-3.jpg
STEALTHPRO image - mirage-stealth-pro-case-removed-inside-circuit-board.jpg
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Mirage Stealth Pro 100 Watt Compact High Power 10 Meter Radio with Multi-Color Faceplate
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The most compact 10 meter, full featured radio with the smallest chassis size available! The Mirage Stealth Pro packs a whopping 100 watts in a radio case the same size as a Cobra 29.

Perfect for Truckers.
Many semi's have a pre-cut opening for a CB radio. The opening is designed for a Cobra 29 style CB radio. The problem is that most 100 watt 10 meter radios are too wide and too tall to fit inside the radio cubby. This radio will fit! The stealth pro is aptly named, because it has a high amount of power output, but due to it's advanced design, only takes up the same space as a standard CB. Thus allowing you to get a big radio in your truck's stock opening.

Perfect for:
Freightliner Cascadia
Volvo Trucks
Kenworth T600, T660, T800, etc.
Peterbilt Trucks

Change display color on Mirage Stealth Pro
1. Press and hold "DIM" until radio beeps
2. Turn channel selector to select color
3. Press "MEM" to save color choice


6 Digit Frequency Display
7 Color Liquid Crystal Display
Built-in Clock
AM/FM Modes
Built-in Echo & Reverb
Built-in Talkback
Variable RF Power
Memory Channels
Dimmer Function
Channel Changing Microphone
Antenna Warning Indicator
SWR Meter

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

Power requirements
25 Amp
Fuse Size
30 Amp
7.25 inches
2.25 inches
Length (chassis only)
9 inches
Length (total)
10.5 inches
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