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Magnum S9 10 Meter Radio w/ Single Side Band

Magnum S9 10 Meter Radio w/ Single Side Band

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  • * Turbo Echo * Top Gun Modulator * Large Meter * High Performance Radio * 45+ Watts AM/FM, 40+ Watts SSB * AM, FM, USB, and LSB Modes
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Sorry, the MAGNUM S9 is discontinued.

This radio is not available.

RF Limited Magnum-S9 high performance 10-meter radio. Get one now before they're gone! We got our hands on a small batch of Magnum S-9's which are becoming very hard to come by. These great radios won't last long.

The Magnum S-9 comes pre-loaded with features a lot of operators are looking for. It comes with AM/FM and SSB modes with a five digit frequency display, 8 separate frequency bands, and a fine and coarse clarifier. You'll also be getting Magnum's digital Turbo echo with variable volume and delay controls and a variable All Mode Talkback so you can adjust talkback levels to where you need it.

Magnum Radios is known for producing high quality, loud, 10-meter radios. The Magnum-S9 is no exception and will provide you with a host of features and reliability for years to come.

Due to uncertainties of your antenna system. Output transistors (finals) are not covered under our warranty.


45 + watts PEP Output Power on AM40 + Watts Output Power on SSBVariable RF Power ControlTurbo Digital Echo with Variable ControlsAMT - All Mode Talkback
Allows you to hear how your transmission sounds, and adjust its volume Dual Microphone Jacks

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

Approx 11 1/2 in�Width

What's Included

  • 4 Pin Dynamic Microphone�Power Cord�Mounting Bracket and Knobs�Owner's Manual�
Last Modified: 04/06/2017