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Magnum S9 10 Meter Radio w/ Single Side Band

Magnum S9 10 Meter Radio w/ Single Side Band

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  • * Turbo Echo * Top Gun Modulator * Large Meter * High Performance Radio * 45+ Watts AM/FM, 40+ Watts SSB * AM, FM, USB, and LSB Modes
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Sorry, the MAGNUM S9 is discontinued.

This radio is not available.

RF Limited Magnum-S9 high performance 10-meter radio. Get one now before they're gone! We got our hands on a small batch of Magnum S-9's which are becoming very hard to come by. These great radios won't last long.

The Magnum S-9 comes pre-loaded with features a lot of operators are looking for. It comes with AM/FM and SSB modes with a five digit frequency display, 8 separate frequency bands, and a fine and coarse clarifier. You'll also be getting Magnum's digital Turbo echo with variable volume and delay controls and a variable All Mode Talkback so you can adjust talkback levels to where you need it.

Magnum Radios is known for producing high quality, loud, 10-meter radios. The Magnum-S9 is no exception and will provide you with a host of features and reliability for years to come.

Output transistors (finals) are not covered under warranty. It is your responsibility to check your SWR reading every time you use your radio. Failure to ensure a properly functioning antenna system WILL damage this radio. If you transmit with a faulty antenna system, you may see smoke and your radio will no longer transmit. If this occurs, you are responsible for all repairs, parts, and shipping fees to repair your radio. Please, do not allow this to happen and always check your SWR.


45 + watts PEP Output Power on AM40 + Watts Output Power on SSBVariable RF Power ControlTurbo Digital Echo with Variable ControlsAMT - All Mode Talkback
Allows you to hear how your transmission sounds, and adjust its volume Dual Microphone Jacks

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

Approx 11 1/2 in�Width

What's Included

  • 4 Pin Dynamic Microphone�Power Cord�Mounting Bracket and Knobs�Owner's Manual�
Last Modified: 04/06/2017