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MaCo Y-QUAD Beam Base Station CB Antenna

MaCo Y-QUAD Beam Base Station CB Antenna

by: Maco
  • 4-Element Beam CB Antenna
  • 11 dB Gain
  • 6' Boom Length
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Switchable polarity Y-Quad beam using a quad reflector with a Yagi driven element, the Y-Quad combines the advantages of both designs to give the best performing lightweight antenna available, with switchable polarity.

The quad reflector assures low angle of radiation even at low heights for real long distance performance. The quad reflector gives excellent front to back ratio of 25-30 db along with excellent forward gain.


Vertical-Horizontal Beams
4 Elements
90 mph Wind Survival
26.5-30 MHz Frequency Range
11 dB Gain
14X Power Multiplication
8 Feet Turn Radius
2.7 sq. ft. of Surface Area
Front-to-Back Separation 25dB
Telescopic aluminum tubing
Quality aluminum, full compression, no holes drilled in elements or boom, means longer life
Element to Boom Mount Heavy extruded aluminum
SWR Adjustment Gamma match, 52 OHM
Rated up to 2000 Watts

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

6ft (Boom Length)
Boom Diameter
Longest Radius
Power Handling
2000 Watts
DB Gain
Frequency Range
26.5-30 MHz
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Last Modified: 06/25/2014