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MaCo COMET Base Station CB Antenna

MaCo COMET Base Station CB Antenna

5/5 based on 2 Reviews by: Maco
  • 6 Elements
  • Rated up to 2000 Watts
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A long-distance 6-element base station with 12.5 dB gain and dual polarity. This antenna is designed for CBers who want a booming base station, but space is a problem. And, it has the MaCo 2 kw power handling capability!

Vertical-Horizontal Beams
6 Elements
90 mph Wind Survival
26.5-30 MHz Frequency Range
12.5dB Gain
21X Power Multiplication
34dB Front-to-Back Separation
Turn Radius: 10.5 feet
4 sq. ft. of Surface Area
Telescopic aluminum tubing
Quality aluminum, full compression, no holes drilled in elements or boom, means longer life
Element to Boom Mount: Heavy extruded aluminum
SWR Adjustment: Gamma match, 52 OHM
Rated up to 2000 Watts

Length: 11.5 (Boom Length)
1.5" (Boom Outer Diameter)
17.5(Longest Radius)
Overall Weight 21 Lbs

Last Modified: 02/25/2015