• Laird Tech X-ACT Hole Saw HS-34

Laird Tech X-ACT Hole Saw HS-34

  • 3/4" Hole Saw


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Laird HS34 Overview

Bold New Monolithic design machined from a single piece of tool steel.
Hole Saw design limits the hole depth to 1/8" to prevent damage to the
underlying headliner but will still cut through the thicker aluminum roof
of some ambulances or utility vehicles.
Invaluable in other applications where depth is crucial.
Designed for 3/8" chuck or larger electrical drill.
Exclusive self-centering drill bit restricts walking of saw.
Shoulder scores paint for a better ground.
All Components are hardened for long life.

For Best Performance of the Saw:

1. Set the pilot drill bit about 1/8" beyond the tooth points - enough to establish
and hold a center.
2. Be sure to chuck the hole saw properly on the flats.
3. Run the 3/4" hole saw at a maximum of 460 RPM. Do Not run the hole saw too fast -
it will cut faster at a lower speed than at high speed.
4. Use a good grade of cutting oil to assure a cleaner cut and longer blade life.
Operation without cutting oil will cause premature blade failure.
5. Apply sufficient feed pressure when teeth are in contact with work.
6. Hold the saw perpendicular to the surface of material being cut.
7. Do not try to saw holes at an angle to the work surface. When the teeth of the blade
do not contact the work evenly, the hole saw will be twisted out of round and will break.
8. For replacement blades, order HS34RB.
9. Remember - always wear safety glasses when using this tool!

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