• Laird LBT8 NMO
  • Stainless Steel "L" Bracket 3/4" Hole with NMO mount and Cable, No Connector

Laird LBT8 NMO "L" Bracket and Coaxial (no connector) ( discontinued )


Laird LBT8 Overview

The Laird LBT8 is an "L" bracket with a connection to fit an NMO style antenna. The "L" bracket can be installed in a variety of ways, on the back of a pickup cab, bed rail, or fender. Included is an attached 17ft RG58A/U coaxial cable, but does not come with a coaxial connection. Includes 3 mounting screws

Laird LBT8 Technial Specifications

  • Width1 5/8 in
  • Height2 in
  • Thickness1/8 in
  • Coaxial17 ft RG58A/U (no connector included)