• KW2000 Power Cord - For Hi-Power Galaxy, Ranger, Connex & Superstar Radios
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KW2000 Power Cord - For Hi-Power Galaxy, Ranger, Connex & Superstar Radios

8 Ft Long Replacement Power Cord For Hi-Power Galaxy, Ranger, Connex & Superstar Radios.

  • Heavy-duty 6-Pin Power Cord
  • Used with Galaxy, Ranger, and Connex 10 meter radios that use a 6-pin connector.
  • 8 ft in length
  • #12 AWG Wire


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Walcott Radio KW2000 Overview

Heavy-duty power supply with the right connector for the radios listed below.

This CB radio power cord only has 4 metal pins used to power your 6-pin radio. It will STILL power your radio only with 4 pins, without any problems or voltage drops. To be clear: the plastic housing is a 6-pin opening, the power wires leading to the plug are two positive and two negative, for a total of 4 metal pins. We use this 4-pin power supply, every day, to test all the radios you see listed below. This cord has been used in many installations, for the radios listed below. The lack of two metal pins on this cord will not prevent this cord from functioning on your radio.

General HP40W

Galaxy DX95T
Galaxy DX93T
Galaxy DX48T
Galaxy DX94HP
Galaxy DX47HP
Galaxy DX45MP

Ranger RCI 2970 DX
Ranger RCI 2970 N2
Ranger RCI 2950
Ranger RCI 6300F
Ranger RCI 6900F

Connex 4600 Turbo
Connex CX-3600 HP

Superstar SS158EDX

Walcott Radio KW2000 Features

  • Fuses2x 20 Amp
  • Plug6-Pin
  • Length8 feet

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