• KS3 Tri-Band HAM / Scanner Magnetic Antenna
  • 144-148 Mhz, 440-450 Mhz and 824-896 Mhz Operation
  • 13" tall, 9' of RG174 Cable
  • BNC Connector
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KS3 Tri-Band HAM / Scanner Magnetic Antenna


Workman Electronics KS3 Overview

Magnetic scanner and amateur radio antenna, compact and easy to setup. Just plug and go! If used with a scanner it will receive a wide range of frequencies from 100 MHz through 1200 MHz. If used as an amateur radio antenna it will transmit and receive on 144-148, 440-450 & 824-896 MHz.

Small in size, only 13 inches tall and comes with 9 feet of RG174 coax cable. Terminates with a BNC connection, common for all modern scanners.

Workman Electronics KS3 Summary

  • Transmits on 144-148, 440-450 & 824-896 Mhz
  • Scanning100-1200 Mhz
  • Base uses super strong rare earth magnet
  • BNC connector with 9' of RG174 coax cable

Workman Electronics KS3 Technial Specifications