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K40 Trunk Mount CB Antenna Black

K40 Trunk Mount CB Antenna Black

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Part# K40
  • Baseload CB Antenna Kit
  • Stainless Steel 57.25" Whip
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K40 Trunk Mount CB Antenna Black
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K40 Trunk Mounted CB Antenna. Designed to be mounted to the lip of a trunk lid for a clean, no-drill installation. This base-loaded CB antenna can be converted into a magnetic antenna, just select the M40 magnet mount attachment on the right side of the page.

Every K40 is exactly the same. Unvarying. Totally consistent. In materials, construction, and - most importantly - in performance.

That's because we computer design each and every component. And then match and assemble them on a fully automated production line. With tolerances that you just can't get with old-fashioned hand assembly.

The result: Antenna performance that's far and away the best you can buy. At any price.


Universal Mounting Application
Includes 18' Custom-Made RG-58A/U 95% Shielded Coax, Stranded to Prevent Breakage
57 1/4in, 17-7 Stainless Steel Whip Antenna
Unique Capacitor for Consistent SWR Across all 40 Channels
Base Rotates 30� for Proper Vertical Polarization
Special Radiused Tip to Dissipate Static No Static Ball to Get Knocked Off
Whip Retracts 2-1/4in Into Coil for Super Easy Tuning
Isolation Chamber Reduces Static Damping
Quarter-Turn Release Makes for Easy Removal of Coil and Whip
Made in U.S.A.
5-year quality guarantee
Materials and workmanship are guaranteed for a full five years from date of purchase. Any part that fails to perform satisfactorily within that period will be replaced absolutely free with proof-of-purchase. (warranty provided by the manufacturer

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

60in (5') Overall Length
3in Around Coil
Coax Length
Mount Type
Car Trunk Lip Bracket (magnetic attachment optional)
Whip Length
57in Stainless Steel
Last Modified: 07/17/2018