• K30 Magnet Mount CB Antenna
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  • K30 Magnet Mount CB Antenna
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K30 Magnet Mount CB Antenna

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  • 35", 17-7 Stainless Steel Whip Antenna
  • 300 Watts AM Power Handling

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  • Description
Patterned after the number one selling K40 Baseload Antenna, the K30 is ideal for the CB'er who wants maximum performance from their antenna, but in a smaller, more versatile design.

Engineered After the Best!
Computer designed and made in the USA, the K30 Antenna features a 14 gauge coil wire for maximum power handling, 15 feet of pre-wired RG-58, 95% shielded coax cable with pre-terminated connectors, and a 35" whip for low clearances.

A heavy-duty 10 oz. magnetic base is strong enough to remain secure to any vehicle, even at high speeds, and makes mounting and removal of the antenna effortless. So it's perfect for multi-car families or use on leased or rented vehicles.

K30 Features

  • Universal Mounting Application
  • 300 Watts AM Power Handling Capability (ICAS)
  • Base Loaded Coil
  • 35in, 17-7 Stainless Steel Whip Antenna
  • Radiused 180 Degree Tip Eliminates Need for Ball
  • 15-Foot Pre-Wired RG-58 95% Shielded Coax with PL259 Connector
  • Heavy-Duty 4-Inch, 10oz. Magnet Base
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

K30 Technical Specifications

Length33in (almost 3')
Width3in (base diameter)

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Romie G.
3 years ago
Owned this antenna for 5 years now, and have used on many cross country trips, in rental cars. Out of the box it had a unusable swr no matter where I moved the whip, I determined I had to trim a bit of it. It is perfect 1.1 on Channel 20, however it doesn't get very far out of band, as for use on 10 meters without a tuner, forget about it. Anyways if you're looking for a good go to, standby antenna for trips that is reliable, dependable, and recieves/transmits extremely well on the legal CB band for it's tiny size, this is the antenna for you.
walter B.
15 years ago
Last year ordered a White K40 Mag mount from Walcott CB (Best Price) Have used K40s for years with very good results, I live in Sun City AZ and a friend let me use his K30 until I got the K40, the K30 is not as broad banded as the K40 but was 1 to 1 SWR on channal 20, with my new Cobra 148GTL stock can talk 20+ miles back to my base station a Cobra 200GTL with a Antron 99 at 36' to the bottom of the antenna when there is no skip, the K30 works better than my K40 for transmit and receive on channal 19. This antenna gets a 5 stars in my book, don't know how they do, but glad they did................Oldtimer
Eugene D. Verified Buyer
16 years ago
I ordered two of these antennas; one for my truck and one for my car. I was never able to get the SWR anywhere near an acceptable range. One of the whips have been ruined in an attempt to "nip" the whip bit by bit in order get the SWR down. I had to use an antenna matcher in order to use the other one at all. This experience was AFTER I called for advice -- telling me that sometimes the whip has to be lopped off a couple of inches to get the SWR down! What is going on here?
Jake T.
16 years ago
I have one of these on a 96 Ranger with a cobra CB and I'm getting ranges of 10+ miles

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