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Hustler IC20B Roof / Deck Mount Antenna Kit

Hustler IC20B Roof / Deck Mount Antenna Kit

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Part# IC20B
  • Roof Mounted
  • Built in Antenna Spring
  • Includes 12' of Coax
IC20B image - IC20B.jpg
IC20B image - IC20B_1.jpg
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IC20B image - IC20B_3.jpg


Very popular roof mounted CB antenna, the Hustler IC20B has been a standard for roof mounted antennas for many years. Full feature roof or deck mount antenna. Requires a 3/8" hole. 44" tall, includes 12� coax cable


3/8" snap-in roof mount
Moisture seal coil
Includes 12' RG58 coax cable
Complete CB antenna system
Built in Antenna Spring

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

1 1/4in
Coax Length
Power Handling
100 Watts
Last Modified: 01/03/2019