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Gordon West General Class Amateur License Study Book 2015-2019

Gordon West General Class Amateur License Study Book 2015-2019

Part# GWGM-15
  • Includes On The Air! CD covering HF General Class Operation
  • Contains complete 462 question pool
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Gordo West General Class License Study Manual For 2015-2019 reorganizes the questions into logical study order by topic for easier learning. Answer explanations include highlighted keywords to help you recognize key topic words in the question and answer for test success. Brand-new questions, and the Q&A have been rewritten to dramatically improve the exam content to better reflect the General Class privileges, operation, equipment and antennas. 100+ websites for additional helpful reference and education. Book includes Gordo's famous "On the Air!" audio CD that introduces you to HF operations & General Class privileges!


Fully Illustrated Text Aids Learning
Questions Reorganized for Logical Easy Learning
Highlighted Key Words in Answer Explanations
Fun, Educational Explanations Teach You Ham Radio
Over 125 Addresses of Helpful, Education Websites
Frequency Chart Showing Privileges
Chapter on Learning Morse Code
List of VEC Examiners
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Last Modified: 06/04/2018