• Connex CX 3300 HP 10 Meter Amateur Radio with Blue Lights
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Connex CX 3300 HP 10 Meter Amateur Radio with Blue Lights

CONNEX3300HPB - Easy To Operate Radio With The Most Used Features. Connex classic design and layout make this is a great starter model.

  • FREE - 90 Day In-Store Warranty! (except finals)
  • 45-50+ Watts PeP Power Output
  • Echo & Talkback
  • Blue LED Lights
  • Front Mounted Microphone Jack


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Connex CONNEX3300HPB Overview

The ever popular Connex CX 3300 HP 10-meter radio now with BLUE LED channel display! Updated with a front mounted microphone jack and blue LED channel display the Connex remains to be one of the most popular radios on the road. Quality and reliability, you're sure to be happy with the simple yet powerful 3300 high power.


How many Watts does a Connex 3300 have?

The current generation Connex CX 3300 HP has an average of 2 - 12 watts carrier and 50 watts peP modulation

How wide is a Connex 3300?

The width is slightly larger than standard CB radios at 7 7/8"

Connex CONNEX3300HPB Features

  • 12 Watts Maximum Power Output AM
  • Small Meter with Scales for Signal Strength and Power Output
  • Dual FinalsAllows for steady output power.
  • Red/Green Transmit LEDIndicates when radio is in recieve or transmit mode.
  • Echo Board with Two ControlsLets you control the volume and amount of delay.
  • Noise Blanker/ Automatic Noise LimiterReduces extra static and recieve noise
  • Hi / Low Power Output LevelsControl your output levels.
  • Jack for Accessory Frequency CounterAllows for easy installation of an external frequency counter.

Connex CONNEX3300HPB Specifications

Power Output45-50+ Watts PeP Power Output
ModesAM / FM
Frequency Range10 Meter 28~29 MHz
Length10 1/8" from heatsink to bezel
Length11 1/4" from heatsink to control knobs
Width7 7/8"
Height2 3/8"
Current Draw7 Amp
Fuse Size10 Amp
Microphone Pin-OutStandard 4-Pin
Power ConnectionStandard 3-Pin

Warranty Information

90-day in house warranty against defects. Damage caused due to installation issues, or antenna system problems are not covered under warranty.

Connex CONNEX3300HPB Reviews

Eric H.
Submitted 1 year ago.
✔ Verified Purchase
Hats off to Walcott Radio 100% satisfied with the new radio it’s set up perfect really clear it’s my first time to Walcott after years of hearing the name I’m sold with the service and pleased with the CX-3300HP it’s simple with great modulation Walcott Radio I appreciate the service and fast shipping
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