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Galaxy FC347-BL - Blue 6 Digit Frequency Counter

Galaxy FC347-BL - Blue 6 Digit Frequency Counter

by: Galaxy
  • BLUE 6 Digit Frequency Counter
  • Includes Plug n Play Plug
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FC347-BL image - galaxy_fc347_bl_front.jpg
FC347-BL image - galaxy_fc347_bl_front_side.jpg
FC347-BL image - galaxy_fc347_bl_side.jpg
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Universal frequency counter which indicates the frequency of the selected channel. It is designed for use in CB and amateur radios. Directly compatible with radios such as the TR-296 series,Galaxy, Connex, General, etc. with a external radio mounted jack.


Frequency Range
1 Mhz ~ 40.0 Mhz
Current Consumption
Input Impedance
5K Ohm, 20pF
Standard Oscillating Frequency
4.5MHz +/= 10ppm
Dimmer Control
Required Power Source

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

3 1/3in
3 1/2in
1 1/3in

What's Included

  • 12V Power Cord
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Manual
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Last Modified: 02/17/2017