• Galaxy DX99V2 10 Meter Radio w/ Single Side Band and Echo
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Galaxy DX99V2 10 Meter Radio w/ Single Side Band and Echo

DX99V2 - The Classic DX99 From Years Ago Is Back! New Features With Higher Power MosFet Finals. Classic look and feel with a front microphone jack makes the DX99V2 a favorite.

  • FREE - 90 Day In-Store Warranty! (except finals)
  • 50+ Watts PeP Power Output
  • AM/FM/LSB/USB/PA Modes
  • 5 Digit Frequency Counter
  • Echo & Talkback
  • Galaxy Voice Changer

Item #: DX99V2

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Galaxy DX99V2 Overview

Galaxy DX99 V2 is back and better than ever. Galaxy has reworked their popular DX99V with higher output power, and a more durable construction. The dual MOSFET finals give the Galaxy 99V2 approximately 50 watts modulation and up to 12 watts dead key. They've also gone back to a front mounted microphone jack so they fit better into most vehicles than the older versions with a side mounted jack.

Galaxy DX99 V2 faceplate controls close up

This updated Galaxy DX 99V2 CB radio with echo offers the same features with many improvements over the older model. Including more power from dual MOSFET transistors, all blue lights, a modulation lamp and the microphone jack now comes out of the front of the radio for in-dash/console mounting.

The only feature loss is the robot voice feature, however the voice changer and echo are still the same and intact.

This 10-Meter CB radio for sale is are now shipping and flying off our shelves, buy your very own Galaxy 99V2 CB Radio today!

Galaxy DX99V2 Features

  • All ModeAM, FM, Upper and Lower Single Side Band, and PA
  • Blue LED Meter Lights, Frequency and Channel Display
  • Variable Power Output
  • Echo and Voice Changer with Dual Echo Controls
  • Switchable Talkback
  • High SWR Alert LED
  • Automatic SWR Circuit allows you to check your SWR without having to calibrate the meter
  • Large, Easy to Read Meter
  • Variable Dimmer Control
  • Front Mic Jack
  • 10 KHz Circuit
  • 5 Digit Frequency Counter
  • Three Year Manufacturer Warranty

Galaxy DX99V2 Specifications

Power Output50+ Watts PeP
ModesAM / FM / USB / LSB
Frequency Range10 Meter 28~29 MHz
Length10 1/4" from heatsink to bezel
Length11 1/4" from heatsink to control knobs
Width7 7/8"
Height2 3/8"
Current Draw7 Amp
Fuse Size10 Amp
Microphone Pin-OutStandard 4-Pin
Power ConnectionStandard 3-Pin

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