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Galaxy DX959 CB Radio W. SideBand

Galaxy DX959 CB Radio W. SideBand

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Part# DX959
  • Single side band CB radio
  • Large, easy to read meter
  • Frequency Display
  • Auto-Calibrating SWR Meter
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Galaxy DX959 CB Radio W. SideBand
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The Galaxy line of radios date back to the 80's when CB radio manufacturers were a dime a dozen, as a result a majority of Galaxy radios have passed the test of time where many others have withered and died. This can only happen when a product lives up to the expectations of it's users.

The Galaxy DX 959 Single Side Band lives up to this reputation and happens to be a very popular Galaxy 959 CB radio.

While single sideband (USB / LSB) are features CBer's in the know are looking for, it's not the only reason to check out this excellent SSB CB radio for sale. The large easy-to-read SWR / Power / Modulation meter allows the easiest and safest way to monitor your CB's performance. In fact, one of the best features this Galaxy 959 Single Side Band CB radio has to offer is an auto-calibrating SWR meter. That's right, you no longer have to calibrate the meter to check your SWR. This results in better monitoring of your antenna system's "health" and the overall performance of your system is guaranteed to maintain itself.


Large meter with scales for
Signal Strength, Power Output, Modulation, SWR.
Automatic SWR circuit
Automatically calibrates the SWR meter.
Adjustable Talkback Circuit
Controls the volume of your talkback.
Variable power output control
Allows you to adjust your deadkey power.
Roger Beep with On/Off switch and LED Indicator
Produces a beep at the end of your transmission.
Galaxy Noise Filter
For use on weak signals.
High SWR alert circuit
Alerts you when you have a high SWR reading.
Five-digit Frequency Display
Displays your current frequency.
+/- 1.0 KHz Receive Clarifier
Fine tunes your frequency.
3-Position Tone Control Switch
Control the tone of your recieve audio.
Switchable Noise Blanker
For increased noise reduction.

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

9 1/4in
7 7/8in
2 3/8in

What's Included

  • 4-Pin Dynamic Microphone
  • 3-pin two-wire power cord
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Owner's Manual
Last Modified: 04/16/2019