• Galaxy DX959 CB Radio W. SideBand

Galaxy DX959 CB Radio W. SideBand

DX959 - Galaxy Most Popular CB Radio With Classic Lighting With AM And Single Sideband Modes. Frequency counter, Talk-Back, variable transmit power.

  • Single side band CB radios
  • Large, easy to read meter
  • Frequency Display
  • Auto-Calibrating SWR Meter

Item #: DX959

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Galaxy DX959 Overview

The Galaxy line of radios date back to the 80's when CB radio manufacturers were a dime a dozen, as a result a majority of Galaxy radios have passed the test of time where many others have withered and died. This can only happen when a product lives up to the expectations of it's users.

The Galaxy DX 959 lives up to this reputation and happens to be a very popular Galaxy 959 CB radio.

While single sideband (USB / LSB) are features CBer's in the know are looking for, it's not the only reason to check out this excellent SSB CB radio for sale. The large easy-to-read SWR / Power / Modulation meter allows the easiest and safest way to monitor your CB's performance. In fact, one of the best features this Galaxy 959 CB radio has to offer is an auto-calibrating SWR meter. That's right, you no longer have to calibrate the meter to check your SWR. This results in better monitoring of your antenna system's "health" and the overall performance of your system is guaranteed to maintain itself.

Galaxy DX959 Features

  • Large meter with scales forSignal Strength, Power Output, Modulation, SWR.
  • Automatic SWR circuitAutomatically calibrates the SWR meter.
  • Adjustable Talkback CircuitControls the volume of your talkback.
  • Variable power output controlAllows you to adjust your deadkey power.
  • Roger Beep with On/Off switch and LED IndicatorProduces a beep at the end of your transmission.
  • Galaxy Noise FilterFor use on weak signals.
  • High SWR alert circuitAlerts you when you have a high SWR reading.
  • Five-digit Frequency DisplayDisplays your current frequency.
  • +/- 1.0 KHz Receive ClarifierFine tunes your frequency.
  • 3-Position Tone Control SwitchControl the tone of your recieve audio.
  • Switchable Noise BlankerFor increased noise reduction.

Galaxy DX959 Specifications

Length9 1/4in
Width7 7/8in
Height2 3/8in

Galaxy DX959 Reviews

Jason D.
Submitted 9 years ago.
Relatively stable SSB performance, built-in frequency counter is nice as well.Not quite as reliable as the Cobra 148 in terms of overall SSB stability.Overall a decent radio in terms of features, including one of the few CBs still offering single sideband as a mode.
Mark S.
Submitted 13 years ago.
Got this radio from a different vendor, but decided to add my 2 cents worth here. This radio has exceeded my expatiations for a CB radio. Audio reproduction is good and clear, I can hear every word with no problem unlike my Cobra 148 NW ST. I like the adjustable RF control, display dimmer, an digital frequency readout. It matches the inside of my little ZX2 quite well, and would look outstanding in any rig! I have yet to try the Single Side Band mode on this radio, no one here is running SSB, but I\'m guessing it works great. Transmitter seems to push 5 watts AM/15 watts SSB out of the box as per my Daiwa SWR/Power meter CN-101L. This is stock, not peaked, so imagine how swell it would be if it was tuned and peaked out.

If Galaxy is smart, and they are, they would add a backlight to the front display much like the Cobra NightWatch. That would make this radio perfect.

If you want a nice CB radio, you\'ll want a DX-959.
Ryan M.
Submitted 15 years ago.
I purchased this radio for my Dad as a Christmas present in '06 from a Loves travel center in Grants. It is a SUPERB Radio, No problems Factory tuned (Fixing to send it off to get proffesionally peaked/tuned) Even then it has great range, The talk back and the roger beep are a great feature. As well as the SSB (Which operates very well)

We have had one problem with it, we do a lot of off road trucking on a lot of worn out roads so it does get shook up a bit. The only problem that came out of this is the Talkback (im guessing the volume knob) Came a little loose so it produces alot of feedback. This problem was fixed with a noise cancelling mic.

Added an in-line power filter got rid of the Alternator noise, but as its been stated there should be a fully illuminate version of this radio. Trying to find the right knob at night becomes a pain sometimes.
I'm sure there are better radios available then this But for an end user looking for simplicity but with outstanding perfomance this should be on your wishlist.

Like i said, when we are working we are usually off-highway on alot of worn out roads. The radio gets shook quit a bit (the way we have it mounted) And the only problem aroused was the feedback issue (which can be solved by turning off the talkback)

Great radio, EXCELLENT price!
Joe R.
Submitted 15 years ago.
Beautiful unit with good reach and clarity. Plenty of adjustments via the wide range of user controls. My ONLY gripe is the lack of front panel illumination! Pretty large oversight that on the top of the line model one needs a flashlight at night to find the right switch of knob. Let's see here...... flashlight in one hand....... adjusting the radio with the other..... driving the truck with......... OH YEAH...... out of hands! Come on.... even a cheap Timex watch has an electroluminescent back light..... so it can be done without too much additional expense. How about it Galaxy? Perhaps offer it as an upgrade?
Alan R.
Submitted 16 years ago.
Dale H.
Submitted 16 years ago.
It is a great radio. Good clear sound and ,nice swing.
It's only fault is it's frequency is unstable in extreme cold.
charlie r.
Submitted 17 years ago.
✔ Verified Purchase
Very clear and powerful radio. The dimmer is just right for night viewing and the three stage tone control is the best filter for the noise of the airwaves. YOU NEED THIS RADIO!
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