• Galaxy DX939F CB Radio with Illuminated Faceplate and Frequency Counter

Galaxy DX939F CB Radio with Illuminated Faceplate and Frequency Counter


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Galaxy DX939F Overview

The new and improved Galaxy DX939F, now in a smaller chassis!

Experience the features and benefits of the Galaxy DX939F portable handheld CB radio today! Offering the features and performance exclusive to the Galaxy name, the DX939 offer a large, easy to read SWR, Power, and Modulation meter.

Sticking with the *blue standard* the DX939 offers an all blue LED 5-digit frequency display, all blue LED channel display, and blue meter light. Other features include the ever popular auto-calibrating SWR meter function, end of transmission roger beep, variable talkback for monitoring your voice, and PA speaker accessability.

The DX939 is a great performer wrapped up in a solid, well rounded, full feature package. You can't go wrong with this one!

Galaxy DX939F Features

  • EL FaceplateFully controllable faceplate illumination enables easy use at night.
  • Blue LED'sAll blue LED lights in the Meter, Frequency Display and Channel Display.
  • 5-Digit Frequency DisplayEnsures you are on the correct channel.
  • Large MeterEasy to read SWR and Power meter.
  • Variable PowerYou control how powerful you want to be.
  • Automatic SWRMakes checking the SWR as easy as flipping a switch.
  • Variable TalkbackAllows you to monitor your own transmission through either the internal or (optional) external speaker.
  • Roger BeepEnd of transmission confirmation tone.
  • Variable DimmerAdjusts the brightness on the EL faceplate, channel, frequency display and meter.

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