Galaxy DX66V2 Compact 10 Meter Radio with Echo

Galaxy DX66V2 Compact 10 Meter Radio with Echo

by: Galaxy
  • Compact Size - Same size as a Cobra 29!
  • Fits in overhead cubbies for Kenworth, Freightliner, and Peterbilt trucks
  • Echo and Talkback
  • 45 Watts PeP
  • SWR Meter
DX66V2 image - GALAXY_DX66F_1.jpg
DX66V2 image - GALAXY_DX66F_2.jpg
DX66V2 image - GALAXY_DX66F_3.jpg
DX66V2 image - GALAXY_DX66F_4.jpg
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The new and improved Galaxy DX66-V2. The second model of the all new "Mini-Gal" radio series. Similar to the older Galaxy DX66V, but now with dual MOSFET transistors and in a smaller chassis. This radio will fit inside the cubby of your truck, where the older generation may not. Keep reading to see what makes this radio a must-have.

The Galaxy DX66-V2 offers the same features as the 55, but this model adds a built-in Echo board. Compared to the older 66, you now have a built-in automatic SWR meter, a feature the older model lacked. And most importantly, it's still powered by dual MOSFET transistors for at least 45 watts PeP power output.

You've asked for it, and Galaxy Radios has listened.

What we're seeing with the new lineup is a reduction in features people don't look for, and attention is being paid to chassis size. So what you end up with is a radio that is built specifically for the things people want, without the clutter of stuff you don't, all in a small radio housing that will fit any installation.

Due to uncertainties of your antenna system. Output transistors (finals) are not covered under our warranty.


Power Output (Bird Wattmeter)
45 Watts PeP
Power Output (IFR Service Monitor)
58 Watts PeP
Power Output (Dosy Wattmeter)
50 Watts PeP
SWR Meter
Frequency Counter
5 Digit LED
Dimmable Faceplate Lights

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

7.5" -- Small enough to fit in your truck's radio cubby
2 1/4"

What's Included

  • Microphone
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Manual
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Last Modified: 04/19/2017