• Galaxy DX33HP-2 10 Meter Amateur Radio
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Galaxy DX33HP-2 10 Meter Amateur Radio 50 Watts PeP, built-in Echo and Talkback with Adjustable Power

DX33HP2 - Galaxy DX33 Continues With The Newest DX33HP2. Easy To Operate. Dual MosFet final transistors for maximum output power. Blue channel LED & meter light.

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  • 50+ Watts PeP Power Output
  • Switchable Talkback & Adjustable Echo
  • Blue Lights
  • Variable Dimmer


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Galaxy DX33HP2 Overview

Galaxy DX33HP 2 HAM radio is the new version of their older DX33HP and DX33HML models.

Galaxy DX33HP 2 faceplate controls close up

With the new edition 10-meter amateur radio, Galaxy has stacked the echo controls onto a single control knob, which leaves room for the microphone jack to come out the front of the radio as opposed to the side. They've also added a variable dimmer control that lets you turn down the intensity of the lights including the RX/TX LED and have also added a control that allows you turn turn on/off the talkback.

These three changes make this a much more convenient radio for most trucks. The Galaxy DX33HP 10-meter amateur radio will fit easier into tighter areas where having a mic cord sticking out would be an obstruction and being able to dim the blue lights will help those who do a lot of night driving.

Galaxy DX33HP2 Features

  • 12 Watts AM Carrier, 45-50 Watts Modulation
  • Three power output levelsSwitch between high, medium, and low power output levels
  • Switchable Talkback with Off Position
  • Front Panel Microphone Jack
  • Variable Dimmer ControlControls the brightness of all the lighting
  • Jack for accessory frequency counterAllows for easy installation of an external frequency counter.
  • Stacked Echo ControlsAdjust the number of times it will repeat, and also adjust the time in between the repeats.
  • Dimable Blue LED Lights in Meter, Channel Display, and RX/TX Indicator

Galaxy DX33HP2 Specifications

  • Power Output50+ Watts PeP
  • ModesAM / FM
  • Frequency Range10 Meter 28~29 MHz
  • Length10 1/8" from heatsink to bezel
  • Length11 1/4" from heatsink to control knobs
  • Width7 7/8"
  • Height2 3/8"
  • Current Draw7 Amp
  • Fuse Size10 Amp
  • Microphone Pin-OutStandard 4-Pin
  • Power ConnectionStandard 3-Pin

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