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Francis Fiberglass CB Antennas 4.5 Foot CB25 Orange

Francis Fiberglass CB Antennas 4.5 Foot CB25 Orange

by: Francis
  • 4 1/2 Foot
  • 200 Watt
  • Orange
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Francis antennas are pre-tuned from the factory so tuning it to the vehicle is usually not necessary, making it the antenna of choice for slip seat drivers or anyone needing to simply throw on an antenna without the hassle of tuning it.

Easy to use, great performance, and inexpensive. A popular choice for many CB'ers.


Exclusive double helical continuous load winding
Double quarter wave
Individually tuned for maximum performance
Standard 3/8 - 24 chromed brass ferrule
Winding sealed inside fiberglass for long life and durability
Custom fiberglass formula for a flexible long lasting antenna

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

4.5 ft
Power Handling
200 watts
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Last Modified: 04/06/2016