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Ford F150 Hood/Fender CB Antenna Mount F1L

Ford F150 Hood/Fender CB Antenna Mount F1L

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Part# F1L
  • Ford CB Antenna Fender Mount
  • F150: 1997-2009
F1L image - F1L.jpg


Hood/fender CB antenna mount designed specifically for the following vehicle:

Ford F150 1997-2009
Ford Explorer 2006

The mount is designed to fit onto the inside of the drivers side fender. tainless Steel mount with Terminator stud and 18 feet of coax cable with removable PL259 connector included


Includes 18ft Coax Cable with Removable PL259 Connector and antenna stud
Stainless Steel Construction
Designed for antennas up to 4 feet long

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

1 1/2in
3 1/2in

What's Included

  • Stainless Steel Antenna Mount
  • HS818TNKT 18 foot long coax cable with removable PL-259 connector
  • Terminator antenna stud
Last Modified: 05/06/2017