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FLM - Flat Freightliner Stainless Steel Antenna Bracket

FLM - Flat Freightliner Stainless Steel Antenna Bracket

  • Stainless Steel CB Antenna Mount
  • Works on almost any surface
  • Closely resembles the factory antenna mount on some freightliner trucks
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Flat Freightliner stainless steel bracket & brass stud. Simple CB antenna mount that can be used almost anywhere. Works well as a replacement mount for older Freightliner semi trucks.

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  • Flat CB Antenna Mount
  • Can be bolted on to almost any surface
  • Closely matches the factory installed mirror mounts on some Kenworth Trucks
  • Allows Installation of 2 Antennas on the Same Mount
  • 4-Bolt Aluminum CB Antenna Mirror Mount
  • Does not include antenna stud
Last Modified: 06/05/2017