• Firestik - SSJ4 - Jeep Wrangler Hood Channel Antenna Mount
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Firestik - SSJ4 - Jeep Wrangler Hood Channel Antenna Mount


Firestik SSJ4 Overview

These mounts were designed around the Jeep Wranglers body style (97-99). The mount allows the antenna to be mounted on either the left or right side of the vehicle. The stainless steel mount and support bracket are made from 12 gauge (0.109") stainless steel. After the mount is installed, there will not be any visible mounting holes. All mounting hardware (also stainless steel) is hidden under the vehicles hood. Even though there were no installations on earlier model years, the mounting concept is very basic and the probability of these mounts working on pre-1997 Jeeps is high. Both mounts are complete with a standard 3/8"-24 threaded antenna mounting stud.

The upper bracket is 2" (51mm) wide and 3" (76mm) long. A slight angle on the inside edge of the bracket follows the angle of the hood line. To mount the bracket, two 1/4" holes need to be drilled in the inner fender lip. A 12 gauge, 2" x 3/4" support plate installs on the bottm edge of the fender to add to the strength of the mount. We supply you with 1/4-20" stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers to secure the bracket to the vehicle. This bracket is also available in our mini-kit format so you can acquire the mount with our low-profile FireRing coax all in one package (and save some money to boot).

Accepts 3/8x24" thread antennas up to 4 feet
Lug style coax connection on bottom (accepts Firering)
Stainless steel mount

Length: 3"
Width: 2"

Firestik SSJ4 Technial Specifications