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Firestik SS194A Stainless Steel Stake Hole (pocket) Mount

Firestik SS194A Stainless Steel Stake Hole (pocket) Mount

by: Firestik
  • Stainless Steel Stake Hole Mount
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Those square holes in the bed rails of full size pick-up trucks are the prefect location for a "no-holes" antenna mount. The flat upper bracket is 6" (152mm) long and extends out over the bed rail so you may mount your antenna without losing the ability to mount a camper shell or topper.

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

Stainless Steel

What's Included

  • Stainless Steel Extended Stake Pocket Mount
  • Firestik K4A Standard Antenna Stud
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  • Designed for any Pickup Truck Bed Rail Stake Hole
  • Includes 18' Coax Cable
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  • Coax cable sold separately
Last Modified: 05/17/2017