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Firestik K11 - Heavy Duty Magnet Mount

Firestik K11 - Heavy Duty Magnet Mount

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  • 4.9" Magnet Diameter
  • Includes 18� Fireflex Coax
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The strongest single-magnet mount you can own! Our mag-mount has a 4.9" (125mm) base. The ceramic magnet uses a heavy steel cup to concentrate the magnetic field, therefor increasing the holding power of the assembly. To protect the vehicle finish, an adhesive backed mylar disk is affixed to the bottom of the magnet.

Because of its trouble free history, we selected our 18� (5.5m) Fire-Flex coaxial cable assembly to be a part of this mount. The mount end of the coax is terminated with the exclusive Fire-Ring connector. The radio end is terminated with a molded PL-259 connector.

We recommend that you use this mount with Firestik and Firestik II antennas up to 3 feet long or Firefly antennas up to 4 feet long. Because of the variables associated with mobile use (headwinds, ice built up, rain, side drafts from big trucks, etc.), we recommend that you use a SS3M medium duty spring with this mount.

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

4.9in Magnet Diameter
18ft high quality Fireflex coax including PL259 connector
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Last Modified: 01/04/2017