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Dynamic 4-Pin CB Microphone

Dynamic 4-Pin CB Microphone

  • Stock CB & 10 Meter Replacement Microphone
  • Pre-wired 4-Pin standard
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Stock replacement microphone for most 4-pin style CB radios. Simple design, but better sound quality than the stock microphones that most CB radios come with.

Compatible with most CB radios and 10 meter radios:

Cobra 25, Cobra 29, Cobra 148 (new)

Uniden PC66, Uniden PC68, Uniden PC76, Uniden PC78

Galaxy DX919, Galaxy DX929, Galaxy DX939, Galaxy DX959, Galaxy DX979
Galaxy DX33, DX44, DX55, DX66, DX73, DX88, DX99, DX94, DX95, DX98

Connex CX366CE
Connex 3300, 4300, 4300-300, 4800DXL

Texas Ranger Radios (all)

General Radios (all)

Stryker Radios (all)

Northstar Radios (all)

Many other radios are compatible that may not be listed.


Microphone Type
Dynamic Mic
Cord Length
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  • Standard 4-Pin Wiring
  • Noise Canceling
  • Compatible with most radios
  • "Lollipop" Style Desktop Microphone
  • Amplified
  • Chrome finish
  • Microphone mounting system
  • Installs in minutes
  • Connects to any CB microphone in seconds
  • Extends 28"
Last Modified: 04/24/2017