• DM-452 Amplified Echo Microphone for CB Radio
  • DM-452 Amplified Echo Microphone for CB Radio

DM-452 Amplified Echo Microphone for CB Radio

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Echo Microphone With Adjustable Volume & Level Controls.

  • 4 Pin Connection Fits Most Radios
  • Variable Echo

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  • Description

Echo Microphone With Adjustable Volume & Level Controls.

The DM 452 is an amplified CB microphone designed to fit most CB and 10-meter radios. Great for Cobra 29's or other radios that don't already have echo CB microphone built-in. Slider on the front controls echo levels. Because of the extra functions it does require a 9V battery.

Works with:

Cobra 25, 29, and newer 148 models

Uniden PC66, PC68, PC76, and PC78's

Galaxy DX919, DX929, DX939, DX949, DX959, DX979, DX2547, DX33, DX44, DX55, DX66, DX73, DX88, DX99, DX94, DX95, DX98

And many, many more radios.

DM452 Features

  • Built-in Echo
  • Amplified to sound louder
  • Echo Level Adjustment on the front of the mic
  • 4 Pin connection fits most radios
  • Requires 9V Battery

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