• Diamond MGC50 Through Window/Door Cable Set
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Diamond MGC50 Through Window/Door Cable Set

  • Easy way to connect your radio to antenna
  • No holes to Drill


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Diamond Antenna MGC50 Overview

Diamond antenna MGC50 through door cable set. Provides a very flat coax cable extension for getting your coax cable through a door or window without pinching your coax.

Frequency: DC to 1500MHz
Max Power Rating: HF to 50MHz: 150w (SSB), 50w(FM/CW),
144MHz: 40w (FM) , 440MHz: 30w (FM),
1200 MHz: 10w (FM)
Length: 19.7" (between connectors)
Weight: 102g
Connector: UHF Female to UHF Female
VSWR: HF up to 500MHz: Less than 1.2
500 to 1000MHz : Less than 1.3
Up to 1000MHz: Less than 2.0
1200MHz: Less than 1.7.
Impedance: 50 ohms
Insertion Loss: 144MHz: Less than 0.3dB
440MHz: Less than 0.6dB
1200MHz: Less than 1.6dB

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