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Diamond K540KM UHF/VHF Antenna Mount and Coax

Diamond K540KM UHF/VHF Antenna Mount and Coax

  • UHF/VHF Antenna Mount
  • Adjustable Mirror or Bar Mount
  • Comes With 13' Coax
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The Diamond K540 isn't your typical mirror mount, it's adjustable at two separate points. You can tilt the antenna forward or backwards and you can swivel the top from side to side. This makes it so you can install the antenna on either a vertical or horizontal bars, or anything in between. Comes with 13' of RG-58 coax and S0-239 (UHF) stud.

Not Recommended For Antennas Over 50"


Adjustable Nut For Antenna Tilt and Swivel
3ft Coax Cable With PL-259 Connection and SO-239 Stud
Black Anodized Finish
Designed for VHF/UHF Antennas

What's Included

  • 13ft RG-58 Coax Cable With PL-259 Connection
  • SO-239 Stud (female UHF)
  • Allen Wrench
  • Extra Long Mounting Bolts
  • Installation Instructions
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Last Modified: 04/29/2017