• Diamond D-130J Super Discone Antenna

Diamond D-130J Super Discone Antenna

D-130J - DC To Lightwave Frequency Range? Not Quite, But This Antenna Is As Close As You Can Get! Great for scanner radios and covers some of the Ham Radio bands. Select one of our low loss coax cables below.

  • Ultra-wideband
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Ideal for 2m, 1-1/4m, 70cm, 33cm and 23cm amateur bands
  • Easily mounts to an antenna mast.


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Diamond Antenna D130J Overview

The Diamond D-130J Super Discone Antenna is the first ultra-wideband antenna in the market which can cover amateur radio, air traffic control and other various utility frequency bands and, in addition, even some amateur radio frequency bands within the covering frequency range can be transmitted with this antenna alone.

The D-130J is designed to be able to assemble very easily and can be built in a couple of hours by beginners. Rust free stainless steel is employed in major component parts to make the antenna rust resistant and durable. It's compact and lightweight design enables it to be installed in a wide range of environments.

Due to the high bandwidth capabilities, this antenna makes for an excellent home scanner antenna. The coax terminates in a UHF (aka PL-259) connection, so you would need to use an adapter with this antenna for most scanners.

Diamond Antenna D130J Features

  • Ultra-wideband design 25 to 1300 MHz receive, 50-1300 MHz transmit (6m tunable for transmit)
  • Compact and lightweight design enables antenna to be installed on balcony railing at an apartment or condominium
  • Ideal for 2m, 1-1/4m, 70cm, 33cm and 23cm amateur bands
  • Excellent shop antenna for testing various transmitters on a single coax
  • Can be made further compact and lightweight by removing the top loading coil if 25-50 MHz reception is not required

Diamond Antenna D130J Specifications

  • Frequency Range25 to 1300 MHz for Receiving (Amateur frequency bands and personal radio frequency band for transmitting)
  • Gain dBi2 (nominal)
  • ConnectorUHF
  • Length66.9 inches (5.6 feet)
  • Weight2.2 lbs
  • Max Diameter16.1 inches
  • Mast Diameter1~2 inches
  • Max Power200 W at transmittable frequency bands

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