• Diamond Antenna SX240C Cross Needle SWR Power Meter HF/UHF/VHF
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Diamond Antenna SX240C Cross Needle SWR Power Meter HF/UHF/VHF

  • SWR and Power Meter
  • Frequency Range: 1.8-54 MHz / 140-470 MHz
  • Power Range: 30W/300W/3,000W
  • Power Accuracy: 10% at full scale


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Diamond Antenna SX240C Overview

The SX240C Cross-Needle Power Meter combines a couple of meters indicating forward and reflected power respectively. It provides the direct read out of the SWR value from the crossing of the two needles. Two sensors are applied so the unit covers from HF band to the UHF band. Measurable power range is up to 3 kW at HF.

Diamond Antenna SX240C Specifications

  • Frequency Range1.8-54 MHz / 140-470 MHz
  • Input Impedance50 Ohms
  • Power Range30W/300W/3,000W
  • Power ReadingDirect read out
  • Power Accuracy10% at full scale
  • Min. Power Requirements3W
  • ConnectorsUHF (female PL-259, aka SO-239)
  • Dimensions170mm W x 115mm H x 150mm D
  • Includes power cord for meter illumination

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