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K600M Diamond Trunk Mount with PL259 connector and UHF mount

  • Trunk Lip UHF Antenna Mount


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Diamond Antenna SG7500A Dualband Mobile Antenna
104 - Moldable Plastic Coax Seal Tape (Excellent Sealer)

Diamond Antenna K600M Overview

Diamond Antenna Trunk Mount with PL-259 Connector, designed for antennas with a UHF base. Deluxe, heavy duty, aerodynamic design. Recommended for high-gain VHF/UHF antennas. Includes 15' RG188A/U coax cable with PL259 connector. Mount is designed for antennas using a UHF connector.

Diamond Antenna K600M Features

  • Vertical adjustment range 0-9
  • Four set screws
  • Black with stainless steel mount assembly
  • RG188 and low-loss 7mm 5D cable and PL-259

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