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Diamond Antenna K412C UHF Trunk Lip Mount

Diamond Antenna K412C UHF Trunk Lip Mount

Part# K412C
  • Black finish
  • 1.5 inch mounting width
  • Three-axis adjustable
  • 6.5' RG316 Teflon coax, with Mini-UHF, And PL-259 Adapter
  • UHF base
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Diamond Antenna K412C UHF Trunk Lip Mount
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This medium-duty mount is ideal for tight mounting options. Four-position adjustable with wing nut fold-over for meduim weight antennas. Recommended for antennas under 45". Use C110 to extend cable for front radio installation.


Black Finish
1.5 Inch Mounting Width
Two-Axis Adjustable
6.5ft RG316 Teflon Coax, with SMA + PL-259 Adapter
Antenna Connector
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Last Modified: 03/22/2016