• CP4-36 4 Pin Microphone Extension - Male to Female - 3 feet Long
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CP4-36 4 Pin Microphone Extension - Male to Female - 3 feet Long

Remote Mount Your CB Radio Microphone Jack With This 3ft Adapter. Front-mounted nut - Soldering not required.

  • 4-Pin Male to 4-Pin Female Microphone Extension
  • 3' Long
  • Male 4-Pin connector includes washer for dash/console mounting
  • Direction of radio plug can be rotated

Item #: CP4-36

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Walcott Radio CP4-36 Overview

3 foot microphone extension cable. Female right angle connector plugs into your CB, can be rotated for any 4-pin CB or 10 meter radio configuration. The male end includes a nut allowing you to mount a microphone jack to plug your CB into. Jack mounting is optional, you may just as easily use this cable as a 3 foot microphone extension.

Pre-wired standard 4-pin for all major CB and 10 meter brands. Compatible with the following radios:

Cobra 18, Cobra 19, Cobra 25, Cobra 29, and Cobra 148 (newer models).
Uniden PRO510, PRO520, PRO505, PC66, PC68, PC76, and PC78.
Galaxy CB and 10 meter radios (all)
Texas Ranger CB Radios (all that use 4-pin).
Ranger 10 meter radios (all that use 4-pin).
Stryker Radios (all that use 4-pin).
Connex Radios (all that use 4-pin).
Magnum Radios (all that use 4-pin).
Superstar Radios (all that use 4-pin).
and others...

Walcott Radio CP4-36 Features

  • 3' Long
  • Wired Standard 4-Pin
  • Female 4-Pin connector has right angle connector, for side-mounted microphone jacks
  • Male 4-pin connector has washer for dash/console mounting.

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