• Connex CX-566-SB Multicolor CB Radio with SSB
  • AM, USB, LSB Modes
  • 5 Selectable Display Colors
  • Display Lights: Red, Green, Purple, Blue and Cyan

Connex CX-566-SB Multicolor CB Radio with SSB


Connex CX566SB Overview

The Connex CX566SB is an upgraded version of the Connex CX366CE, overall it's the same radio with Single Sideband (USB/LSB). Just like the 366, the 566 has a multi-color faceplate selectable with a button on the front of the radio.

Be one of the first to own this exciting new CB Radio from Connex! Full color changing faceplate fully selectable by you. Choose to have the display lights set to a single color or have the colors change every few seconds.

One of the most unique features of this radio is the channel express function. This function allows you to quickly switch back to an alternate channel. For example, if your company channel is 15 but you need the CB to operate on 19 you can set 15 as your express channel. While using the radio on channel 19 you can instantly jump to 15 by pressing a single button. Your express channel can be set to whatever channel you like.

Currently this is the only Connex radio being manufactured that offers single sideband. Previously the Connex 4800DXL 10 meter radio held that spotlight, but as it's been discontinued this is it.

If you want SSB in a mobile CB radio and if you're a fan of the Connex brand, don't pass this one up!

Connex CX566SB Summary

  • Very large meter
  • 6 Selectable Display Lights
  • Front and rear speaker jack
  • Selectable Tone
  • On/off roger beep
  • Channel Express
  • Variable Talkback
  • Variable Power
  • Variable Dimmer Control (for display lights)

Connex CX566SB Technial Specifications

  • Length9 1/4in
  • Width7 7/8in
  • Height2 3/8in